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August 3, 2012




Jim Sherlock

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Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) offers free weight loss program to qualified drivers and free resources to fleets and organizations that want to help their drivers lose weight


Atlanta, GA – As part of their now famous Healthy Trucking PAYS™ program, the Trucking industry’s leading authority on Driver Health and Wellness, the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) continues to offer obese truck drivers the opportunity to go on a free doctor supervised weight loss program and actually get paid for their participation. Drivers who complete the program have the potential to be paid hundreds of dollars.


“We want to prove our slogan that “Healthy Trucking PAYS™,” says Bill Gordon, HTAA Executive Director.  “We know that professional drivers are undergoing a great deal of financial pressure right now.  So much so, it is hard for drivers to even think about losing weight or getting fit.  At the HTAA, we understand the needs of drivers and that’s why we’ve found a way to help obese drivers get healthy and get paid for participating at the same time.”

Drivers can find out if they qualify for the Healthy Trucking PAYS™ program by logging onto or HealthyTrucking and filling out a short survey. The HTAA is also helping fleets help their drivers find out about this valuable program by making FREE resources available to all trucking fleets.  Informational brochures, posters and paycheck stuffers are all provided free of charge to trucking fleets that have drivers who could use this free weight loss program.


The HTAA is also well known for establishing the first ever universal wellness platform drivers can use to improve and maintain their health and wellness – Designed to be the industry standard that all drivers use, the Healthy Trucking Vitality Program™ is the single most significant development to date in the nationwide Healthy Trucking Movement to build a HEALTHY trucking industry.


Trucking fleets, trucking organizations, Safety Directors, trucking industry leaders and stakeholders interested in receiving free Health Trucking PAYS™ resources and/or information on the Healthy Trucking Vitality Program™ for their drivers should visit, send an email to or call the HTAA at (800) 800-1198.



About the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA):

The Healthy Trucking Association of America is the leading health and wellness authority of the trucking industry. The HTAA was the first nationwide organization ever formed for the purpose of addressing the lack of good health among the nation’s professional driver population and no other organization or group has done more on a nationwide scale to help drivers get healthy and live longer lives.  HTAA offers programs to raise awareness and help improve the health of professional drivers and is the originator and ongoing annual host of the trucking industry’s first and single most important annual health and wellness conference, the HTAA Healthy Trucking Summit,


About the Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality Program:

The Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality Program was created through a collaboration of HTAA and The Vitality Group resources undertaken to develop a universal Health and Wellness platform that all professional drivers can utilize to manage their health and wellness activities and progress.  Designed to serve as the industry-wide standard that all drivers use, the Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality Program is a personalized tool with which a driver can easily manage and coordinate all of his or her health and wellness activities. The ultimate goal of the Healthy Trucking Movement is to extend the benefits of the Healthy Trucking Vitality Program to every driver in America.  Trucking fleets are encouraged to contact the HTAA for information on how they can make the Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality Program available to all their drivers at no cost to the fleet or trucking company.  Health and Wellness providers and stakeholders are encouraged to contact the HTAA for information on how their products and services can integrate with the Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality Program™,